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What is a Scientist?

At the beginning of each year, we would begin science with a unit on “What is a Scientist?” Here is a simple anchor chart that you can use.   Anchor charts are an important learning tool and should be more … Continue reading

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how many ways can you make 100? math fun on the hundredth day of school

Here is an easy math idea for the 100th day of school, or any day really. I actually started this on the first day one year and used it as a math warm-up with 3rd graders. Each day, we would … Continue reading

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april fish day? and other april fools classroom fun!

I’m not gonna lie; I enjoy April Fool’s Day. I like a good prank. I have purchased whoopee cushions as gifts on more than one occasion. Fake lottery tickets. More than two or three occasions I think. Fake dog poop. … Continue reading

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4 lesser-known dr. seuss books

While doing a little Seuss research at our local library last week, I came across a few of Dr. Seuss’s lesser-known books. I say lesser-known, because they were all books that I had not previously read. (Maybe you have already … Continue reading

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dr. seuss for big kids and a fun freebie!!!

“Those are baby books, “ one of my third graders proclaimed matter-of-factly when I got out my pile of Dr. Seuss books for Read Across America one year. Most of us do tend to associate Dr. Seuss with primary grades, … Continue reading

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valentine punch cards

So what is with the apostrophe in Valentine’s Day? And when do you use it. Should it be Valentines Punch Cards, Valentine’s Punch Cards, or Valentine Punch Cards? What say you? I went the safe route with Valentine. I have … Continue reading

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science and show-and-tell, together?

Do you remember show-and-tell as a kid? How exciting it was to bring in things from home? I was a shy kid, and I hated talking in front of the class, but I would man up on show-and-tell days. It … Continue reading

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midweek list: 10 student gift ideas for the thrifty teacher

Do you get gifts for your students at Christmas? I like to, but I always run into one little problem. Money. Gifts are expensive, especially if you want to give them something meaningful. Here are some student gift ideas for … Continue reading

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winter party: make your own ice cream

The first school that I worked at had amazing, I mean AMAZING, parent volunteers. The parents were so amazing that the teachers didn’t even have to plan the winter party. No joke. The parents did everything. They created stations, brought … Continue reading

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math-y monday…estimation balloons

I thought since I love math the most, I would devote one whole day just to math ideas and activities, and it only seems right to call it “Math-y Monday.” (That’s not too much alliteration for a Monday is it? … Continue reading

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