I just wanted to share with you some changes that are going on with the blog. Starting today, Using My Teacher Voice will be housed on my new website, More Than a Worksheet.

The blog is the same, don’t worry, I will still share lots of great information and free resources. I just decided to house it all under one site to make it easier to manage. You can find it here:

Or by clicking on the tab on the front of the homepage of the new site.

More Than a Worksheet UMTV Blog

If you already follow me via email or twitter, or if you have already liked my Facebook page, you do not need to do anything else, you will come with me when I move!

And don’t worry, this site itself isn’t going anywhere. I plan to keep it up for a while, it just won’t be updated with new posts. You can find all of my posts, new and old, at the new site. So come on over!

Like my new logo and blog banner? I do too! Laine over at A Little Peace of Africa designed it for me. I definitely recommend her if you are hoping to update your look!

OK, go check out my new site now! Happy teaching!


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