Halloween Around the World

Ahh…Halloween. Free candy. Costumes. Trick or treating. Did I mention candy?

Here in the US, Halloween is synonymous with trick or treating. Halloween, in some form or another, is widely celebrated around the world, but not all countries call it Halloween and not all countries trick or treat. In fact, most countries have their own unique way of celebrating.

I came across an excellent website that tells about some of the Halloween traditions around the world. Check out Jack O’Lantern’s Net if you’re interested!

Here is a fun freebie I created just for you! You may use it as a simple Internet research activity, or you may just use it as a fun trivia guessing game. However you use it, enjoy! Click here, or click the image below to grab it for FREE! Halloween Around the World Freebie

Happy Halloween!


More Than a Worksheet

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