Build Your STEM Kits at Dollar Tree

STEM Materials from Dollar TreeSTEM engineering projects are engaging, and they encourage students to think critically. One of the challenges for teachers, though, is that they often require materials that probably aren’t on the supply list. Fortunately, there is a lot you can do with items found at Dollar Tree or other discount stores. Check out the cornucopia of STEM goodness that I picked up on a recent shopping trip:

STEM Materials from Dollar Tree
Now these are just items that I needed for specific projects. As you probably know, because you’re a teacher and teachers know these things, there are tons more things you can find at Dollar Tree. Can you think of any items you could use for STEM building projects?

Here is a list to get you started:

shopping listStay tuned for more ideas for building your STEM supplies and how to use them. And if you feel like shopping, click here to find STEM engineering projects that are More Than a Worksheet!

Happy STEM-ing!


More Than a Worksheet



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2 Responses to Build Your STEM Kits at Dollar Tree

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  2. Jane says:


    Whenever considering experiences for children of any age, preface it with the impact that materials procured will have in the long term. In other words do we value experiences for children that may only last seconds or a very short time, over long term negative impacts i.e. say of plastic straws that find themselves either in landfill or oceans. Unless you can thoughtfully re-use or dispose of the raw materials chosen i.e. ( remains part of ‘economic loop’), then consider alternatives.

    : )

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