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Midweek List–fun Thanksgiving activities that don’t require worksheets

I was always bad about holidays in the classroom. This is terrible, I know, but I would often forget until the last minute that there even was a holiday. Usually by the time I remembered, I was too late to … Continue reading

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social studies: neglected no more

Most years, I’ve been given a token 30 minutes in my schedule for social studies. That’s if I’m lucky. If there’s ever an assembly, picture day, or other interruption, they usually plan it during social studies. When we have two … Continue reading

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Sunday Survey: How do you get your school work done?

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how to not live at school and still get your work done

I pretty much lived at school my first year teaching. I remember one night it was probably 8pm, and I was still back in my little portable working away, and I get a call on the school phone. “Sarah baby,” … Continue reading

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how to teach about elections without hosting a popularity contest

  With the election season in full swing, I thought I’d share some ideas for teaching class elections. It seems that class elections often turn into popularity contests and can end up with hurt feelings, which is tough for the … Continue reading

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Midweek List–my favorite websites by teachers for teachers

This is a list of websites that I kept bookmarked and referred to often when planning units and lessons or when I just needed some inspiration. 1. Beth Newingham’s Class Website What I Love:  This is her class website, so … Continue reading

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the amazing blogosphere, free resources, and a giveaway, too!

I am way too excited here because I am discovering all of these amazing blogs with tons of helpful and mostly FREE resources. It blows my mind a little because I never knew about any of these while I was still … Continue reading

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Survey Sunday

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reading doesn’t always mean chapter books and Freebie Friday!

One thing I always like to stress in my classroom is that reading doesn’t always mean chapter books. I think about myself. Yes, I can comprehend Shakespeare, and with a little help from Spark’s Notes I got a great big … Continue reading

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Midweek List–my most favorite read alouds ever

One of my favorite parts of the day is read aloud time. I made time for it no matter what. I read lots of books each year and would change them up from year to year depending on my class. … Continue reading

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